Keystone Light "Can Hunt"
Each year, Keystone releases a limited edition orange can hidden inside select packs. These cans are so rare that when our huntin' lovin' audience uncovers one, they'll proudly display it. With a four-point budget we created a 14-point social campaign, tapping into the passion KL drinkers have for "the hunt", resulting in a 1600% increase in Facebook engagement.

Part I. The Teaser
A week before the cans rolled out nationwide, we released a teaser cover photo taken from the perspective of a hunter hot on the can's trail.

Part II. The Sightings
Every few days we released :15 "amateur" videos of hunters attempting to bag the elusive Orange Can.

CanWatching from Ricky Johanet on Vimeo.

KL Run from Ricky Johanet on Vimeo.

CanCall from Ricky Johanet on Vimeo.

Part III. Open Season
Once the cans were released across the country, we helped fuel the hunt by releasing weekly content.
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Part IV. The Mounts
It didn't take long before we started seeing an overwhelming about of people mounting their cans (mounts were also included in packaging). Every week, we chose our favorites and displayed them as Keystone's cover photo for all to admire.
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